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    Promoting Presence In Running and Life

    Promoting Presence In Running and Life

    Most times meditation is thought to be a static activity. It’s the thing that Buddha did a long time ago that everyone claims works, as long as you have the commitment. We’re constantly being fed on social media people’s lifestyles who only take 30-degree showers, eat grass, meditate for 20 minutes a day, have three kids, have a full-time job, and somehow find time to run six miles in a day's time. 

    Trailrunner running up a hill.

    I’ll be the first one to tell you, that’s not most people. The lens of a social media feed can make anyone feel like they should be doing ten things every day that they aren’t.

    Feeds can make you feel confined, but we can’t forget that social media is very much a controlled space that is determined by your followers, following, and the algorithm. 

    For example, if you didn’t make any first-person contact with anybody for two months, and your social media feed was dominated by fitness freaks, ultra-marathon runners, and athletes that ran a half marathon every day for a year– you would go back out into the world thinking that those who aren’t engaging in similar activities or living such a lifestyle are discarding a human body and their lifestyle is mundane

    People running a marathon

    While exercise should be a cornerstone of any human life, it’s important to understand that it is something that can dominate any human life. Just like anything else, we don’t want it to take away from the other things in our lives. In other words, it can make us less present in our fitness, and everything extraneous from it.

    Lacetrap is predicated on staying present. Now, there are many ways to express this, our first experience with it was through running. Staying in that flow state, preventing anything that can take you out of it. 

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