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    5 Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider Adding LaceTraps To Your Shoes For Your Next Run.

    By Ian Schutt
    Last Updated April 24, 2023

    1. LaceTrap, originally designed for triathletes and marathon runners to save seconds during transition time.

    That point in your marathon or triatholon when you have to stop mid run to re-tie or loosen your laces is one that comes more than often which adds unwanted time to your PR's. As every athlete has their go-to method. We wanted a solution that had the same concept of a seatbelt. It's built into the car one time and stays in the car for the life of the vehicle.

    2. One time easy 30-second-install ( Free from the Knots )

    "Just double knot your laces and tuck them in"..
    Hmm why didn't we ever think of that?.. Oh wait, our fingers didn't always enjoy battling the tightness of knots and getting poked by the ends during our runs Kyle. May as well put 2 small rocks in each shoe before your race and triple knotting 😂. LaceTraps an easier solution.

    3. SAFETY: LaceTrap keeps the chances of you tripping over your laces DRASTICALLY lower. 

    One of the leading causes of injuries in runners or humans for that matter actually comes from tripping over untied shoelaces. How silly would it be to break or sprain an ankle because of simple shoelace tripping you and could potentially end your season? With LaceTrap that was a big area of focus for the team. Like we said earlier about the seatbelt:
    "You hope you don't have to use it, but a simple clip in each day could save you from life chaning injuries".

    4. Perfect For Everyone: as mentioned above.

    LaceTrap was originally designed for performance athletes, but have made  great gifts for anyone with shoes especially helping seniors suffering from arthritis or other disabilities, children, workers in all industries and of course runners of all ages, and casual  day-to-day users!

    5. Goodbye Plastic Waste

    • Yes LaceTrap is earth friendly and uses 100% recycled eco-friendly materials, each pair of LaceTraps were made from 13 recycled plastic bottles! It's our mission and commitment to reaching carbon net zero.

    6. No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    We're so confident that you'll love LaceTrap we offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, simply let us know and we'll happily refund your purchase.

    It's Cheaper Than 2 Pre Race Gels or 2 Starbucks coffees.

    And last's longer than 5 pairs of running shoes..

    4.9 - 2,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

    (We could have inflated those review numbers just like every other brand but we believe in honesty, trust us you'll love these and hope you add to those reviews)

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