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    Lacetrap Set-up

    All right, you have your lace traps, and it's time to get them set-up on your shoes of choice.  Let's run through the quick install, so you can set it and forget it.

    Step 1: Unlace your shoe laces out of the top 3 eyelets, keeping the laces going through the 4th eyelet

    Step 2: With the opening of the Lacetrap "bridge" being towards the outside of your shoe, string the shoelace through the top of the side openings on the Lacetrap, passing under the Lacetrap, and coming up through the opening on the other side.
    **Tip - Make sure the laces don't twist and are naturally crossing like they would without the Lacetrap installed, so it doesn't twist or pull funny.

    Step 3: Continue to lace up until the top eyelet, and tie your shoes as normal.

    Step 4: Grab your ties laces from the ends, loops and tails together in a long straight bunch, and slide them into the side opening of the Lacetrap, securing them all under the bridge.  If they all don't go in the first try, that's fine, just bring the others in after.

    Step 5: Get up and Go!

    When you want to get them out, it's even easier, just pull the laces from the top knot area and pull them out of the top of the Lacetrap.

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