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    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair
    LaceTrap - 1 Pair

    4.9 ( 2,000+ Customer Reviews )

    LaceTrap - 1 Pair


    Designed By Athletes

    100% Recycled Plastic

    Designed For All Shoes

    Prevent Possible 

    Get ready to never have to stop and retie your shoelaces ever again.

    Meet LaceTrap ® the #1 go-to shoelace management solution that permanently eliminates the need to stop and retie or manage your shoelaces chosen by athletes worldwide.

    Born from our expertise in running, and made for ALL shoe types, LaceTrap® ensures more time to focus on high performance and less time managing your shoelaces.

    Running never felt like this. NO MORE distractions when you're pushing the limits of what can be achieved in your sport.

    LaceTrap is the future of shoelace solutions.

    Our Customer Reviews


    I've been using Lacetrap for a little over 3 months now, I didn't realize how often those little stops to retie your shoelaces interupt your focus. I spend a lot of time in the gym and not having to stop my workout at all anymore is actually a GAME CHANGER!


    I hate feeling my laces flap around when I run. Especially because I run marathons and train pretty intesely so being able to lock my laces in place and not having to deal with them at all has drastically made a huge difference.


    I am very happy with this little plastic clasp Lacetrap has built. It's a one-time 30 second install and I never have to deal with them anymore. I've been using this for a few months now and I like it a lot suprisingly. It's the little things like this that make the biggest difference for my training.


    I use Lacetrap simply because it looks clean not having shoelaces bounce around. It's one less thing I have to worry about and has decreased the time that would be added having to stop and retie.

    What is LaceTrap?

    LaceTrap is a little plastic clasp that acts as a seatbelt for your shoelaces.

    ✅ Prevents laces from coming untied that could lead to injuries or unwanted stops mid-run

    ✅ One-time 30 second install, no need to cut or burn the ends like other products on the market.

    ✅ Easy slip on slip off, no more tight double knots that cause poor cicrulation

    ✅ Safe and easy to use for kids, seniors, and those that face challenges with tying.

    Easy 30 Second Install

    Step 1

    Take both laces out of the top 2 shoelace holes.

    Step 2

    String each side through the bottom of the Lacetrap clasp.

    Step 3

    Then finish by completing the lacing as you normally would and that's it.

     Top amazon competitor VS LaceTrap.
    Here's what we found...

    Here's the competitors instructions..

    1. Four screws
    2. Two shoelaces
    3. One screwdriver
    4. Two magnetic buckles

    Installation Steps:
    Burn the tail of shoelace with lighter...

    Why are we using screws, lighters and scissors to secure shoelaces?



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